education for automation

More safety for the operation of your industrial robots

The use of automation systems is in high demand, the range of tasks performed by the machines is growing and even small and medium-sized companies are investing in this area.

However, this increase is offset by a knowledge deficit regarding plant operation. The few existing training programs to prepare employees for safe work on and with the innovative systems are often too theoretical, unrelated to practice and hardly provide any added value.

At the SOJKA Academy, we offer intensive and customized training with practical exercises – directly at our training cells. Through compact group sizes and experienced course instructors, we enable individual communication and maximum knowledge transfer.

In our training courses, we provide course participants with the technical and practical know-how to efficiently exploit the potential of automation systems. The training potentiates the safety of operational processes with parallel qualification of human resources. As a result, the motivation and acceptance of employees for innovative changes in the company increases.

The course participants are trained on the modular ISAC® automation cells from Sojka Automation GmbH, which contain a wide variety of actuators in a very small space and can be converted to meet special customer requirements at any time. This allows us to respond to the questions of the participants in a practical way.

After successfully passing a theory and practical exam at the end of the course, participants receive their final certificate of the qualification level they have achieved.

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Participants receive a comprehensive training package at the beginning of each training course. It consists of printed training materials and a course-specific Sojka Course Kit. These resources help participants learn and facilitate understanding of the robot’s motion sequences.

The printed training materials provide detailed instructions and information, while the Sojka Course Kit provides hands-on materials. This allows participants to physically experience and practice the robot’s motion sequences. Through a combination of printed materials and hands-on resources, participants will gain a solid foundation and continue to develop their robotics skills. The training package is thus a valuable tool for optimizing learning and successfully implementing the application of what has been learned.

Learn the success story of our training participants on their way to automation

Through the robot training courses at the SOJKA Academy, we take away the fear of working with robots for employees of manufacturing companies and tackle the problem of the shortage of skilled workers at the root. We share technical knowledge and know-how in robotics for your company’s success and the training of your employees.

In the video, we show you the success story of our customer, the Salzgitter Hydroforming AG from Crimmitschau. Learn how the company was able to master the path to automation by training its own staff. The result: Skilled employees, trained in the use of robotics, ready to meet the increasing demands of production without fear.

education for automation

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1.650 € / 3 days
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2.054 € / 3 days
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2% from 4 booked courses
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10% from 10 booked courses

The discount refers to the total amount.

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3 to max. 6 participants per course

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